Nao Fujishima, a beautiful mature woman with lots of erotic pheromones, reappears! At the destination where I was dissatisfied with my sexual life with my husband, I was playing with a rotor from the entrance and it was already pleasant. Her limbs are restrained on the futon, she is blindfolded, and she is irritated. Actors who came from later also participated and enjoyed with 3P from top to bottom, and finally finished with creampie! ! Nao seemed completely satisfied.エロいフェロモンたっぷりの美熟女、藤嶋直さんが再び登場!夫との性生活に不満を抱えて訪れた先では玄関先からローターで遊ばれもう気持ちよくされちゃいます。布団の上では手足を拘束されて、目隠しされたままチ●ポをくわえてイラマ、そのまま目隠しの上にザーメンをぶっかけられてとってもご満悦なご様子。後からやってきた男優も参加し3Pで上から下からもてあそばれ、最後は中出しでフィニッシュ!!すっかり満足したご様子の直さんなのでした。