The wife living in a room next to the same apartment is a widow. He is a beautiful person, but he always looks somewhere. I saw her wife going to a grave to wear a mourning the other day and I tried calling to his wife. "Is it a visit to a grave?" "Yeah ..." It is a pleasant reply that I returned. When I got off the elevator and went back to the room, something annoying voice was coming from the room of the next wife. When I looked through the veranda too much, the figure of a wife who is consoling himself with a figure that is not even there is there. I unconsciously took the wife 's pants in the veranda, I ring the doorbell of my wife' s room to return it. . .同じマンションの隣の部屋に住んでいる奥さんは未亡人。綺麗な人だけれど、いつもどこか寂しそう。先日その奥さんが喪服を着てお墓参りに行く姿を見かけた私は奥さんに声をかけてみた。「お墓参りですか?」「ええ・・」と、返ってきたのは気のない返事一言。エレベーターを降りて部屋に戻ると隣の奥さんの部屋からなにやら悩ましい声が・・・。気になりすぎてベランダ越しに覗いてみると、そこにはあられもない姿で一人自分を慰めている奥さんの姿が。無意識のうちにベランダにあった奥さんのパンツをとってしまった私は、それを返そうと奥さんの部屋の呼び鈴を鳴らす。。。