Mao Zhang is active boy's college student while working. Although he seems to be going to a training school aspiring to an announcer, Tokyo Kei Bureau seems to be quite severe, as many as Misccon award-winning people, Tokyo-born and so on ... If local stations are likely to be a shortcut ... in the middle of that It is the first gonzo shoot experience. I guess this experience will surely be helpful even if it becomes a society person 就活中の現役女子大生maoチャンはムッチリ巨乳です。アナウンサー志望で養成スクールにも通っているそうですが、ミスコン入賞経験者とか、東京出身者とか多くて、東京キー局はかなり厳しそう…地元に帰ってローカル局が近道かもと…そんな最中にハメ撮り初体験です。この経験がきっと社会人になっても役立つでしょうね