Slender Japanese clothes · Yukata robe SM single piece work Training · Slavery urinating tie · Binding sample movie Product number: 41hmpd10057 A cheeky and bullish woman, she trains such a woman to SM and tailor it as an obedient and faithful sex slave pet like a companion animal. Pushing up the woman with its well-balanced facial expressions staring with sharp eyesight filled with enmity, lifting it up in a shameful manner, lifting rape, watering, candlesticks, whip punishment. If you give the best pleasure to vibes and Ji-Po where they are made complete, it will become an obsession. Using candy and whips distinctively, transformation masochist is completed. The moment when Jaja Ma women become obedient pets is supreme.スレンダー 和服・浴衣 SM 単体作品 調教・奴隷 放尿 縛り・緊縛 サンプル動画 品番: 41hmpd10057 生意気で強気な女、そんな女をSM調教して愛玩動物の如く従順で忠実な性奴隷ペットに仕立て上げる。敵意に満ちた鋭い眼光で睨み付けるその整った顔立ちの女を強引に恥ずかしい姿に縛り上げて吊り上げ責め、水責め、蝋燭責め、鞭責め。完全服従させたところにバイブやチ○ポで最高の快楽を与えると淫獣に成り下がる。飴と鞭を使い分け、変態マゾ女が完成。ジャジャ馬女が従順なペットになる瞬間が至高。