A wonderful spouse, Nanami, who lives with her flawless spouse, gets fucked by her husband's boss, Sugimori, who visits her spouse on a commerce trip. The involvement of being brutally punctured within the vagina with the mightily screwed in and pouring cloudy semen over and over once more planted the acknowledgment that Nanami was “stained”. Sugimori makes utilize of the shortcoming that misplaced chastity and makes Nanami numerous times a comforter. In any case, Nanami, who was focused by her husband's guiltlessness, is dissolved by the sensation of a messy fluid being let go in her body ...潔癖症の夫と暮らす美人妻・奈々美は、ある日夫の出張中を狙って訪ねてきた夫の上司・杉森に犯されてしまう。強引にねじ込まれたイチモツで激しく膣奥を突かれ、濁った精液を何度も注ぎ込まれる体験は、奈々美に「汚された」という認識を植え付けた。貞操を無くした弱みにつけ込み、奈々美を何度も慰み者にする杉森。しかし夫の潔癖症にストレスを抱えていた奈々美は、体内に汚い液体が発射される感覚に蝕まれていく…。