You... Too bad. I do not think I'll be able to return domestic since my flight is late nowadays. The relationship with the captain started a year back. Since of his work, his time was unpredictable, and he remained within the company until midnight, and frequently got to be alone. A sweet word was whispered at such time, and the disloyalty had incidentally worked. My husband is as of now trying to find a work, and she bolsters Reina, who is in a difficult work. It appears to be smashed by shamelessness at whatever point it touches such husband's thoughtfulness. The advancement of the affect that eyes cannot be hit!「あなた…ごめんね。今日はフライトが遅れて帰れそうにない…。」機長との関係は1年前から始まった。仕事柄、時間が不規則で深夜まで社内に残り、二人きりになることも多かった。そんな時に甘い言葉を囁かれ、つい不貞をはたらいてしまった。現在夫は求職中で、激務の玲奈を献身的に支えてくれる。そんな夫の優しさに触れるたびに背徳におしつぶされそうになる。目も当てられない衝撃の展開!