Typically a blockbuster arrangement by Goro Tameike, in which the circumstance of the tormented position and the chafed position is switched. Ei Fukada of the super-beautiful lady showed up within the 31st version! A lovely spouse of a neighbor who wears a entire body brand merchandise and looks down on me like rubbish. One day, when I went to convey the hoops I had dropped with thoughtfulness, I was turned absent since I didn't need anything i touched with such a grimy hand. Who the hell are you? When I went to Matt Wellbeing to vent my push with traditions, what a hitched lady in my neighbor's house came out. Smiling... Lol.苛められる立場と苛める立場の形勢が逆転するという溜池ゴローの大ヒットシリーズ。その第31弾に超絶美女の深田えいみが登場!全身ブランド品を身に纏い、僕の事をゴミ屑のように見下してくる隣家の美人妻。ある日、親切心で落としたイヤリングを届けに行くとそんな汚い手で触った物なんかいらないと追い返された。何様だよ!そのストレスを風俗で発散しようとマットヘルスに行くと、出てきたのはなんと隣家の人妻!ニヤリ…笑。