Naoko who was able to wed a tender individual and an perfect road. But some place within the heart might have been looking for incitement. The husband's boss who perused such son's heart. He needed a subordinate sex slave to fulfill his sexual crave. When he took his position to work at his subordinates' work, he tossed a adhere that was swelled by his blood vessel. Indeed in spite of the fact that it stands up to and stands up to delicately, it gives the "joy" nourish to the child, and it slowly controls. 優しい人と理想通りの結婚ができた尚子。しかし心のどこかでは刺激の方を求めていたのかも知れない。そんな尚子の心を読んだ夫の上司。有り余る自分の性欲を満たす為の従順な性奴隷を欲していた。自分の地位を利用して部下の仕事中に家を訪れた大木は以前から目をつけていた尚子に血管が浮き出るほど膨張した肉棒をねじ込んだ。抵抗しながらも敏感にイってしまう尚子に「快楽」という餌を与え徐々に支配していくのであった…。