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I went on a commerce trip with a strict boss and rumors Ito-san. My colleague said that he was frightened to urge irate, but from my point of see, he was a great boss and yearning individual. The trade talks went well and a enormous contract was made, but the return prepare wasn't moving, and we unavoidably looked for settlement. It was a hot spring hotel that I at long last found, but as it were one room was accessible, and I had to spend a night with Mr. Ito. It was sudden, but supper was flawless and there was an open-air shower. I was captivated by Mr. Ito who had a drink with a supper and his cheeks were colored pink. I was upbeat and cheerful and I didn't keep in mind what I was talking almost, but I was grasping Ito-san. Ito was shocked and kissed me a small humiliated. From there, they played with the body and cherished each other. The following morning I woke up with her kiss and I needed my seniors once more in case yesterday's occasion was not a dream. And as long as we had time, we needed each other ...