As of late, I was disappointed by a spouse who was not at all with me (spouse), I pondered in case I would be with another man, I attempted to plan with an associate with a youthful man and let my spouse be alone . Domestic rub, knead, domestic apparatus repair ... I attempted to voyeur the youthful man and spouse who gone by the house. Be that as it may, the spouse appears to have a inclination, and there were a few who were rejected, which is shockingly curiously最近、私(旦那)とは全然しない妻に苛立ちを覚え、他の男とだったらするのかなと、ものは試しと知人と共謀して若い男と二人きりにさせ女房を誘わせてみた。宅呑み、マッサージ、家電修理…。家を訪れた若者と女房の盗撮を試みた。ただ、女房の方も好みがあるらしく、拒否される輩もいたので、それはそれで意外と興味深いのです…。