We held a year-end party, which has been very popular every year, inviting users this year as well! Eight selected female employees will enchant the feast with various hospitality and department counter ball game. Did you drink too much or it gets wet with a lot of squirting and leaking and finally in the middle around SEX! I look forward to SOD next year.毎年大変ご好評を頂いております忘年会を、今年もユーザー様を招いて開催致しました!選りすぐりの女子社員8名が、様々なおもてなしと部署対抗お座敷ゲームで宴を盛り上げます。お酒を飲みすぎたのか、大量の潮吹きとお漏らしでビショ濡れになりつつ最終的にはそこら中でSEXに!来年もSODをよろしくお願い致します。