The subject photographed for the first time today is a 23-year-old Koneko-san who works for a dentist in Tokyo. Under the mask I usually wear is a beautiful woman with a beautiful eyebrows and an innocent smile. She doesn't have a boyfriend at the moment, and says she enjoys being with her friends for the first time in a year. If you enjoy her fine skin and begin to caress sensitive parts, you will hear a naughty voice. Koneko-san, whose body is licked by a viscous father and ignites her body, pushes an electric massager into the erogenous zone and says, "Ah! Die! No use!" She also feels sensitive in the vagina and when she is stimulated in a pleasant place, she breathes rough and soaks in pleasure. Koneko-san who already has a fully erected cock. The best service that makes a tongue crawl obscenely and stares at a man. And the cock that erects enough to bend into her tightly. Sensitivity that goes up every time a hard meat stick hits the back of the vagina. It is a sight to show the expression of Koetsu in sex after a long absence, and to distort the beautiful face to the intense piston.本日初撮影の被写体は、都内の歯医者で働くここねさん23歳。普段かけているマスクの下は眉目麗しい美人であどけない笑顔を見せる女性。現在、彼氏はおらず、友達と一緒にいる方が楽しいと話す彼女はセックスも1年ぶりとのこと。そんな彼女のきめ細かい美肌を堪能し、敏感な部分を愛撫し始めればエッチな声が聴こえてくる。粘性おやじに全身を舐められ身体を火照らすここねさん、電マを性感帯に押しつければ「あっ!逝くっ!だめだめ!!」全身に力を入れて絶頂してしまう。膣内も敏感に感じちゃう彼女は気持ちいい所を刺激されると息を荒くして快感に浸る。すでにフル勃起済の男根をぱくっと咥えるここねさん。舌を卑猥に這わせて男を見つめる極上のご奉仕。そして、反り返る程に勃起した巨根が彼女のキツマンにずっぽりと挿入っていく。硬い肉棒が膣奥にあたる度に上がっていく感度。久しぶりのセックスに光悦の表情を見せつつ、激しくなるピストンに美顔を歪ませる様は見もの。