The subject photographed for the first time today is a 24-year-old Maya who is accepting a dentist. He applied for a solid reason, "I want to save money .." Maya seemed nervous and couldn't sleep much last night. However, as the interview progresses, the tension gradually relaxes, telling us about unusual first experiences and everyday sexual life. Healthy legs trained in the cheer club during school days extend from the mini skirt, and if you blame the sensitive place while checking your beautiful white body, a sigh of cute voice will leak. If a man is requested to show off herself alone, she will immerse himself in pleasure and create a dirty atmosphere. She will lift her hips and culminate if she gives an electric massage to a reward. Mr. Maya who feels orgasm many times if he stimulates the erogenous zone with his tongue and tastes the hairless mako that has become choppy. The offense and defense alternation, she blames the man's nipple happily, enjoys the cock with an obscene touch whether she likes to serve. And erection ○○ is inserted slipperyly into her wet. Serious juice that sticks to the cock. Her voice, which keeps panting with a shrill voice, and the sound of the secrets colliding with each other flows into the closed room. In the woman on top posture, the man's nipple is licked and the semen of the unbearable man is hung on his cute face.本日初撮影の被写体は、歯医者で受付をしている麻耶さん24歳。「貯金をしたくて..」と堅実的な理由で応募して来てくれました。緊張気味の麻耶さん、昨晩はあまり寝れなかった様子。しかし、インタビューが進むにつれ徐々に緊張もほぐれていき、変わった初体験や普段の性生活を教えてくれる。学生時代にチア部で鍛えられた健康的な美脚がミニスカートから伸びていて、白い綺麗な身体をチェックしつつ敏感な所を責めれば可愛い声の吐息が漏れてくる。男に要求されてひとりエッチを披露すれば快感に浸り淫靡な雰囲気を作る。ご褒美に電マをあててあげれば腰を浮かせて絶頂してしまう彼女。びちょびちょになってしまった無毛ま○こを舌で味わい性感帯を更に刺激すれば何度もオーガズムを感じる麻耶さん。攻守交替、楽しそうに男の乳首を責める彼女、ご奉仕するのも好きなのか卑猥な触り方で男根を愉しませる。そして、勃起ち○ぽを彼女の濡れまんにずるりと挿入する。男根にまとわりつく本気汁。甲高い声で喘ぎ続ける彼女の声と秘部と秘部がぶつかり合う音が密室に流れる。騎乗位では男の乳首をベロベロと舐め、辛抱堪らない男の精液が可愛い顔にかけられてしまう。