The first subject I photographed today is Reina, a 20-year-old who works for apparel and works hard at university. With a waist of 56cm, she has a sleek model and suits sexy clothes with a wide open chest. I am fond of the feeling of youthfulness that speaks brightly about the dissatisfaction of the part-time job and the bitches of the store manager. Protruding nipples that can be seen as soon as the clothes are shifted. Reina-chan who reacts cutely over the hairless hairy and already blames the erogenous zone. When it feels, it opens the leg that closes, and when it is fingered, it makes an obscene sound. The female college student who holds the cock while being instructed by the man sucks the jupoy cheeks and sucks it, and the cock that has become unbearable and enlarged is inserted into the 20-year-old young man. She sticks out her buttocks and makes a good voice. Please see this volume for life-size JD sex.本日初撮影の被写体は、アパレルのバイトで働きつつ大学で勉学に励むレイナちゃん20歳。ウエスト56cmの彼女はスラっとしたモデル体型で胸元がざっくり開いたセクシーな服が似合っている。バイト先の不満や店長の愚痴を明るく話す若さ溢れる感じに好感を抱く。服をずらすとすぐ見えちゃう突起乳首、指で転がしつつパンツの上から別の突起を弄る。無毛のあそこはすでにびしょびしょで性感帯を更に責めると「もうだめ..だめです..」可愛く反応しちゃうレイナちゃん。感じちゃうと閉じてしまう脚を開けさせ、手マンをするとぐちょぐちょ卑猥な音を響かせる。男に指示されるがまま男根を咥える女子大生はじゅっぽじゅぽ頬をへこませて吸い付き、我慢できなく肥大化した男根が20歳の若まんにぬるりと挿入る。お尻を突き出し良い声を出す彼女、膣奥を激震する快感に顔を歪ませ感じ喘ぎ続ける。等身大のJDセックスは本編をご覧ください。