Today's first filming subject is Hana-chan, 20 years old, attending a science university in Tokyo. A slender and small-faced egg-based girl. She was carefully raised in a tough family, and today she is held by a man who doesn't know until 18:00 at the curfew. Answering an obscene question embarrassedly, Hajime-chan becomes a woman's face if he kisses with a sticky tongue. A boxed girl who is the first to see a power massager feels her ass in her first pleasure. It moves to wave the waist to the pleasure of attacking the erogenous zone and climaxes, and when it is stimulated with a finger over the slimy joy juice, it makes a horny sound. A polite service that gives you a good turn of offense and defense and good growth. If the cock is cleaned to every corner, the cock is inserted deep into her vagina. As I answered in the interview, “I like to go around.” Haba-chan feels a good reaction, distorts her cute face and makes a lot of horny voices. If the piston is broken to the extent that it breaks, it feels like “feels good!”本日初撮影の被写体は、都内の理系大学に通う葉瑠ちゃん20歳。スレンダーで小顔な卵系美少女。厳しい家庭で大切に育てられた彼女、今日は門限の18時まで知らない男に抱かれる。卑猥な質問にも恥ずかしそうに答え、舌を吸い合うねっとりとしたキスをすれば女の顔になる葉瑠ちゃん。電マを見るのも初めてという箱入り娘は産まれて初めての快感にお尻を突き出して感じる。性感帯を襲う快感に腰を波打つように動かして絶頂してしまい、ぬるぬるの愛液が溢れるあそこを指で刺激するとぶしゅぶしゅとエッチな音を鳴らす。攻守交替、育ちの良さが出る丁寧なご奉仕。男根を隅々まで綺麗にすれば、そそりたつ男根が彼女の膣奥まで挿入される。「ぐりぐりされるのが好き..」とインタビューで答えていた通り、良い反応で感じる葉瑠ちゃん、可愛い顔を歪めエッチな声をいっぱい出す。壊れるぐらいにピストンされれば「気持ちいぃ!」感情を吐露し叫ぶように喘ぐ。