Today's first filming subject is Mizuki, 22, who works with children at an amusement park. A cute little girl who loves children. However, the boyfriend, who is getting married, has recently been swayed and is injured. If you're unskilled, you can't imagine the story of her memory. She decided to appear like a boyfriend who loved her, and when she started shooting, she was nervous enough to drench her hands. When she is stimulated by her erogenous zone, she has a naughty voice .. If she takes off her pants, she has a beautiful butt. Caress from above the T-back where you can see the important part. "What is this !?" The first adult toy in my life. Tapping a man's arm for the first time of pleasure will culminate in stimulation that doesn't stop. Mizuki-chan sucks on the erection cock with patience as if he makes a decision. And the cock that stood up in her secret part waiting to stick out the beautiful buttocks. She stares at the camera that shows her obscene figure, and she feels like she crying. She switched on at the cock and made a sneaky sound on the man and culminated when violently blamed.本日初撮影の被写体は、遊園地で子供達を相手に働く美月ちゃん22歳。子供が大好きな笑顔が可愛い女の子。しかし、結婚間近の彼氏につい最近振られたらしく傷心中だという。未練たらたらの思い出エッチ話は彼女の見た目からは想像できない内容。そんな好きだった彼氏にあてつけのように出演を決意した彼女、いざ撮影がはじまると手汗を滴らす程に緊張してしまう。「おっぱい小さいから恥ずかしい..」とうぶな反応をする彼女も性感帯を刺激されるとエッチな声が..ズボンを脱がせば綺麗な美尻。大事な部分が見えそうなTバックの上から愛撫する。「なにこれ!?」人生初の大人の玩具。初めての快感に男の腕をタップするも止まらない刺激に絶頂してしまう。意を決した様に我慢汁が出てる勃起チンポにしゃぶりつく美月ちゃん、ぎこちなくも音を立てずっぽりと咥える。そして美尻を突き出して待つ彼女の秘部にそそり立った男根がずぶり。自分の卑猥な姿が映るカメラを見つめる彼女、泣きそうな顔で感じる姿がそそる。男根でスイッチが入った彼女は男の上に乗りぴちゃぴちゃ卑猥な音を鳴らし、激しく責められると絶頂してしまう。