The subject of the first shooting today is Mei-chan, 20 years old, characterized by white skin and large eyes. She is a beautiful girl who likes music and enjoys dancing as a hobby. The naughty shoot and the mind have been decided, but there seems to be a little resistance to sexual intercourse with the man who meets for the first time. The skirt is beaten and the pants protrude from the black spats. As the clear white skin is exposed and caress progresses, the sigh gradually becomes rough. Small breasts but beautiful pink nipples, legs are opened, and a cute voice can be heard when the erogenous zone is stimulated with fingers. Mei-chan who makes a voice crying high when she licks the sweet hair over there. "No, no, I'll get you .." The nipple is licked as it is told by the man and the cock is rubbed. She licks each other and cums unbearably. Then she spreads her legs and greets her cock. Continue to pant with a voice that seems to cry as usual to the big cock that moves in small increments. If you piston the slender slender body violently, you will grasp the pillow tightly and Mei-chan's serious juice will cling to the cock. The movement of the waist that danced on the man, and the appearance of seeing the insertion and removal are outstanding.本日初撮影の被写体は、白い肌と大きい眼が特徴の芽衣ちゃん20歳。お花屋さんで働く彼女は音楽が好きで趣味でダンスに興じる美少女。エッチな撮影と、心は決めて来たが、初めて会う男性との性交に少し抵抗感が残る様子。スカートを捲られ黒のスパッツからパンツがはみ出し、厭らしい手つきで男に弄られる。透明感のある白肌が露わになり愛撫が進むと次第に吐息も荒くなってくる。小ぶりな乳房だが綺麗なピンク色の乳首、脚を開かされ、性感帯を指で刺激されると可愛い声が聴こえてくる。毛の処理の甘いあそこをベロベロと舐めると甲高く泣いているような声を出す芽衣ちゃん。「いやぁいやぁ逝っちゃう..」敏感になっているあそこに電マをあて更に弄ぶ。男に言われるがまま乳首を舐め男根をしごき咥える。お互いを舐め合い堪らず絶頂する彼女。そして大きく脚を広げ男根を迎える。小刻みに動く巨根に相変わらず泣きそうな声で喘ぎ続ける。細いスレンダーな身体を激しくピストンすれば、枕をぎゅっと掴み、芽衣ちゃんの本気汁が男根にまとわりつく。男の上でダンスをいかした腰の動き、ずぼずぼ抜き差しが見える様子は抜き応え抜群。