The subject of the first shooting today is Yuna-chan, 19 years old, showing a lovely smile with a small figure of 135cm. The feeling of tension is transmitted to this place in a steady manner. A pure girl who has only one experienced person and doesn't know how to masturbate applied for the school fee. Yuna-chan has a cute reaction when she caresses a little while she is touched by a man she meets for the first time. As you gradually loosen your ticking body, you will hear a cute sigh, whilst stiffly saying “No!”. Man "Why are you jerking when you are not touching?" Woman "I don't know ....." Her honest body is easy to understand, she utters a good voice when she touches her finger, and she praises the cock Just a big chin is inserted all over the sensitive girl who gets crazy. Whether he likes from behind, “feels good! Feels good!” He exudes emotions, and man juice overflows from there. She repeats the piston as the petite body breaks, and climbs the stairs of an adult. Open mouth, wait for ejaculation, and the cloudy cum is included in the mouth.本日初撮影の被写体は、135cmと小柄な体型で愛くるしい笑顔を見せるゆなちゃん19歳。たどたどしい喋り方で緊張感がこちらにも伝わってくる。経験人数は1人でオナニーのやり方もわからないという純粋な女の子が学費の為に応募して来てくれました。初めて会う男性に触られ少し抵抗が残るなか、愛撫をするとうぶな反応が可愛いゆなちゃん。カチカチになっている身体を徐々にほぐしていき「やだやだ!」と駄々をこねつつも可愛い吐息が聴こえてくる。男「触ってないのになんでピクピクしてんの?」女「わかんないです..あっ..」正直な身体はわかりやすく、気持ちいいところに指があたると良い声を出す彼女、男根を咥えてるだけでもビクつく敏感少女のあそこに巨チンがずっぽりと挿入る。後ろからが好きなのか「気持ちいい!気持ちいい!」と感情を吐露し、あそこからはマン汁が溢れ出す。小柄な身体が壊れる程にピストンを繰り返し、大人の階段を登っていく彼女。口を開けて射精を待ち、白濁したスペルマを口に含む