The subject of the first shooting today is 20 years old, Kika-chan who came in secret to her boyfriend. A girl who longs for a forcible sex, usually a daily routine to see the AV of molesters alone. After a general talk, when the man touches his body, he can no longer smile and turns into a woman's face. It is caressed by Yarichin handsome and there is an obscene sound. She looks anxious about the electric machine that the man took out, but she immediately makes a naughty voice. Easily culminates. Then, her head is pressed down and the cock is squeezed into her mouth, and she gets excited by the excitement and immorality that cannot be achieved with normal sex with her boyfriend. When struck violently from behind, it hits many times and puts power into the hand that grabs the sheets. She who is panting so much with a stick of another person, the boyfriend must not be ridiculous.本日初撮影の被写体は、彼氏に内緒で来てくれた紀香ちゃん20歳。普段は痴漢物のAVを見てひとりエッチをするのが日課という、強引なエッチに憧れる女の子。一通りお喋りを終え、男に身体を触られると余裕だった笑顔が無くなり、女の顔になってくる。ヤリチンイケメンに愛撫されあそこはびちゃびちゃと卑猥な音を鳴らす。男が取り出した電マに不安そうな顔をするが、すぐにエッチな声を出しちゃう彼女。容易く絶頂してしまう。そして、頭を押さえつけられ口に男根を突っ込まれて興奮気味の紀香ちゃん、彼氏とのノーマルセックスじゃ得られない快感と背徳感に身を震わせる。後ろから激しく突かれると何度も逝き、シーツを掴む手に力が入る。他人棒でこんなに喘いでいる彼女、彼氏が不憫でならない.