The school uniform is a bit different from other schools. Such a small animal-like big eyes and F-cup beauty big breasts with excellent rubbing comfort and a minimal lolita beautiful girl "Rui Hiiragi" who has a childhood full of transparency have descended at such "SUKESUKE Gakuen"! ! Dressed in invisibility uniforms and invisibility water, mass lotion slimy shameの制服は他の学校とは少し違って透けている。そんな「視立SUKESUKE学園」に小動物の様な大きな瞳と揉み心地抜群のFカップ美巨乳&透明感溢れ幼さ残るミニマムロリ美少女「柊るい」ちゃんが舞い降りた!!スケスケ制服やスケスケスク水に身を包み、大量ローションヌルヌル恥辱