Search for beautiful married woman in Futakotamagawa! As soon as you find a beautiful married woman, you will be interviewed on the online show "Tei"!! A celebrity married woman "Kaho Fujiki" who is 30 years old who looks rich, because she finds a beautiful woman there.The shop bag held in hand is from a luxury brand store ♪ Explain the program contents and move to a nearby cafe, and investigate the actual situation of a beautiful married woman who was in Futako Tamagawa ♪ The age difference with her husband is 15 years old, Occupation is a dentist ♪ Before marriage, she was a dental assistant.She was a workplace marriage ♪ The child of her husband was a sixth grader.I will ask you questions from here ♪二子玉川で美しい人妻を探しましょう! 美しい人妻を見つけるとすぐに、あなたはオンライン番組「テイ」でインタビューを受けます! そこに美しい女性がいるので、金持ちに見える30歳の有名人妻「藤木果穂」。手に持っているショップバッグは高級ブランド店のものです♪番組内容を説明して近くのカフェに移動し、 二子玉川にいた美人妻の実態調査♪夫との年齢差は15歳、職業は歯科医♪結婚前は歯科助手だった彼女は職場での結婚だった♪彼女の子供 夫は6年生でした。ここから質問します♪