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A project that reveals the frustration of husbands to beautiful wives who are dignified and reveals the nature of frustrated married women. This time, married woman hunting in Shinjuku! Discover a whip girl who looks good with damaged jeans when walking! Check the ring of the left ring finger! ! When I asked my voice, “I ’m sorry I ’m going to the gym, I ’m sorry!” I left to see if I had time. I'm going to the gym, so I'll casually follow it. Infiltrate the gym and succeeded in voyeurism! It's great to see a young, prickly married woman wearing a lot of exposed clothes and sweating and doing muscle training. Wait for it to come out and talk again. “Is it really waiting ?! LOL” “I can't forget the torn jeans!” To. [Noasan / 28 years old / full-time housewife / no children / husband is a car dealer]