It is a plan to go around each university with a mobile tent and approach sex with a female college student and shoot sex with a "late night program to listen to sexual problems"! The goal is to completely conquer 137 universities in Tokyo! ! ■ Report Report①T-University was disturbed this time. On this day, take a picture with a clear blue sky! I will immediately call out to the female college student ♪ ② Then, "I will give priority to my promise with my boyfriend ...移動式テントで各大学を回り「性の悩みを聞く深夜番組」のテイでイマドキ女子大生に近づきセックスを撮影する企画です!目標は都内137大学の完全制覇!!■報告レポート①今回お邪魔したのは『T大学』。この日は澄み切った青空で撮影日和!さっそく女子大生に声をかけていきますよ♪②すると早速「彼氏との約束を優先し