Prestige exclusive actress [Fujitani Maho] is engaged in a dense intercourse of sweaty juice Sweat, saliva, love juice, tide. Using the body fluids secreted from the body to the fullest, we awaken each other's hidden desires! They exchange a hot kiss as saliva comes and goes, and devour each other's bodies while sweating. The skin of the touch which gets wet in sweat and sticks to it increases the excitement of two people. If you caress the secret part that was heated wildly, the love juice overflows without stopping, and a large amount of tide erupts when it disturbs the vagina! Insert the meat stick into the drenched and let the intense piston sit in the desire! In passionate sex that mingles with each other covered with body fluids while shaking the rich milk of the F cup, leading to the state of pleasure that you could not know Fujitani Maho until now!!プレステージ専属女優『藤谷 真帆』が汗だく汁だくの濃密性交を繰り広げる!汗、唾液、愛液、潮…。身体から分泌される体液を存分に用いて、互いの秘めた欲望を呼び覚ます!唾液が行き交う程の熱い接吻を交わし、汗だくになりながらお互いの身体を貪り合う。汗に濡れ吸い付くような感触の肌が、二人の興奮を高める。熱を帯びた秘部を荒々しく愛撫すれば止め処なく愛液が溢れ出し、膣内をかき乱すと多量の潮が噴出!びしょ濡れになった陰部に肉棒を挿入し、欲望のままに激しいピストンを喰らわせる!Fカップの豊乳を揺らしながら体液まみれで交じり合う情熱的なセックスで、藤谷真帆を今まで知り得なかった快楽の境地へと導く!!