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Distinction elite on-screen character “Mina Nagase” will assist you graduate from virginity ♪ Sexual orientation delicate drain and escort Virgin-kun delicately and strikingly with God's reaction special to previous symbols! An beginner man who came from Nagoya for his first involvement could be a virgin with a special identity! Delicately escort by shortening the remove with a sweet kiss like a darling! To the long-awaited inclusion when the delicateness of the boobs touched for the primary time and when it was reaching to emit with handjob! To celebrate the graduation of virginity, high-speed pounding at the cowgirl position! Whereas tasting the finest joy of life, but with a smile and delicately cheering Virgin-kun who can't fire effectively with pressure, he leads to the climax in his to begin with life! Three virgins with an normal age of 31.6 will provide the most excellent to begin with involvement with intemperate benefit and 120% adore! !

プレステージ専属女優『永瀬 みなも』が童貞卒業のお手伝い♪Gカップ柔乳と元アイドルならではの神対応で童貞くんを優しく大胆にエスコート!名古屋から初体験のためにやって来たという素人男性は、個性的な性癖を持ったこじらせ童貞!恋人と交わすような甘いキスでぐっと距離を縮めて優しくエスコート!初めて触れるおっぱいの柔らかさと、手コキで暴発しそうになったところで待望の挿入へ!童貞卒業のお祝いは、騎乗位での高速グラインド!人生最高の快感を味わいながらも、緊張でなかなか発射することが出来ない童貞くんを笑顔で優しく勇気づけながら、人生初のマ○コの中での絶頂に導く!平均31.6歳の童貞くん3名に過剰なサービスと120%の愛情で、最高の初体験をお届けします!!

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