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Prestige exclusive actress "Suzumura Airi" is a school with unique school rules .... Transfer student "Airi" reaches the first day in the school uniform I was attending before. If you receive a call to the Student Guidance Room as soon as you enter the school, you will be given a school rule that you can not imagine! School Rules 1) Girls must wear transparent uniforms! School Rules 2 Female students must respond to the demands of all men in the school with their bodies! If you change into a designated uniform unavoidably Muramura of men in the school is at its climax! At one time intense sexual instruction from a hot bloody teacher! Another time, I am inspired by the insatiable club captain with careful blowjob! Airi Suzumura Please enjoy the 5 costumes through which the beautiful nude of the beautiful body is transparent ♪

プレステージ専属女優『鈴村 あいり』が独特な校則のある学園に…。転入生『あいり』は以前通っていた学校の制服で初日を迎える。入園早々に生徒指導室へ呼び出しを受けると、思い掛けない校則が言い渡される!校則 1女子生徒は透け透けの制服を着用せねばならない!校則 2女子生徒は学園内すべての男性の要求をカラダで応えなければならない!やむを得ず指定の制服に着替えると学園中の男たちのムラムラは最高潮に!ある時は熱血教師からの激しい性指導!またある時は元気のない部活のキャプテンに入念なフェラで奮い立たせる!鈴村あいりのエロ美しい裸体が透き通る透け透け5コスチュームをお楽しみください♪