women of various relations, their common term is “record SEX”. Get the video and edit it in about an hour. I looked into the “2 hours break documentary” to see what drama happened at the love hotel. This is the first SEX record for a beautiful female apprentice with her boyfriend. She seems to be serious, but as expected, Murara seems to be on the verge of a limit of a month of ascetic life. However, it seems that the desire to spoil her boyfriend is still winning, so she teaches a boy student (boyfriend) who is mischievous with a teacher. However, while continuing to receive excessively sexual mischief from male students, to female prosperous from female teachers. If you stimulate a beautiful big breast F cup that doesn't have an irresistible response, you'll get a pink beauty nipple that stands immediately. The sigh that leaks with caress in the mouth after a long time is not very much at the platform, but I can not hear it. Gradually, the pants are wetted with a lovely panting voice ... When the second students saw such an exciting teacher ... I thought that it would be a painful lesson and I wouldn't be teaching. A teacher who becomes erotic by raising the acceleration, ignoring the school health class, and begging for raw insertion. It was a crazy teacher who tasted her boyfriend's raw cock for the first time in a month.都内ラブホテルの一室、様々な関係の男女たち、そんな彼らの共通項は『SEXを記録する』こと。その映像を入手し、約一時間に編集。どんなドラマがラブホテルで起きたのか、『休憩2時間のドキュメンタリー』を覗いてみた。今回は美人教育実習生が彼氏との一か月ぶりのSEXの記録です。真面目そうな彼女ですが、さすがに一か月の禁欲生活でムラムラも限界寸前みたいですが…。しかし、まだ彼氏に甘えたい欲のほうが勝っているらしく、先生ごっこでイタズラばかりする男子生徒(彼氏)に指導。しかし、過度に性的なイタズラを男子生徒から受け続けているうちに、女教師から盛った女に…。揉み応えが半端ない美巨乳Fカップを刺激すれば、即ピン立ちするピンク美乳首。久しぶりの口での愛撫で漏れる吐息は教壇ではとてもじゃないが聞けません。だんだんと可愛らしい喘ぎ声に変りパンツはぐしょぐしょに濡らされてしまいます…。こんな刺激的な先生の姿を中二の生徒が見てしまったら…痛い程ボッキして授業どころじゃないだろうなと、ふと思いました。加速度を上げてエロくなる先生、もう学校の保健の授業なんて無視して「ナマでして!」と、生チ○コ挿入を懇願。一か月ぶりの彼氏の生チ○ポを膣内で味わうイケナイまつな先生なのでした。