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At the end of the last train, this project goes to an izakaya, speaks to girls who are still drinking, listens to the girl's concerns and human patterns, and finally aims to take home. ● Today's drinker ⇒ Kana-chan, drinking friend ⇒ Ayano-chan. ① Today we will look for girls at Shinjuku Station! Speak to a couple of girls on the condition that they have all their drinks and get today's girls! ②Kana and Ayano. They seem to be associates of a tanning salon. There is currently no boyfriend for both. I will ask you about romance. Kana-chan, a black gal, broke up with him about two months ago, and there was a free period of about five years before that boyfriend was made. It seems that sex was banging even during the free period, and the number of experienced people is 50-100! The part-time friend of Umi no Ie who worked before is a genuine spearman who was competing for points by the number of times he had sex in summer! It seems that Kana's first experience was with someone she met on a dating site. He said that he offered a virgin on the exchange condition that he would buy what he wanted at the time.