Topic: "Can you are doing an AV appearance? ] And no apologize to the billboard girl of the rumor within the city Attack arrangements! ! ☆ The bulletin young lady of rumor ⇒ "Shiroishi" (22 a long time ancient) who works at a elegant cafe in Ikebukuro. 1I found a sign young lady at a cafe fair some time recently the store is closed! It's a long line with a long, smooth leg! (2) The store supervisor who gave me a great meet was back, so I felt comfortable and loose. Graduated trip to work chasing, female college understudies will spend cash. 3 "Is graduation trip Hawaii? Well at that point, will it fetched cash? ] And bring a part-time work of recognizable individual shooting! The overskirt was great with a scaled down, but when I expelled it, the dark hot pants are great againテーマ:『AV出演してくれませんか?』と街で噂の看板娘にアポなし突撃交渉!!☆噂の看板娘⇒池袋のおしゃれカフェで働く“白石さん”(22歳)。①閉店間際のカフェで看板娘を発見!すらっと足が長いキレカジ系ですよ!②快く取材をOKしてくれた店長さんが帰ったので、安心してのんびり取材。就活に卒業旅行、女子大生ってお金がかかりますねぇ。③『卒業旅行はハワイ?それじゃぁお金かかるでしょう?』とお馴染み個人撮影のアルバイトを持ちかける!エプロンもミニでよかったけど、外すと黒のホットパンツがこれまたイイ