Futsu's OL alright to shoot the AV, so he all of a sudden came to the inn in uniform amid the lunch break! All of a sudden from masturbation, once you hit the electric rub, it appears a huge response, spinning tide! I listened later that the toy was the primary encounter ... I felt humiliated that it was blown absent some place! When I taken note, the lunch break was over, so I inquired the company to take off early and continue! OL totally exchanged on SEX, got to be super-sensitive and delighted in unexperienced SEX distinctive from regular! ※ There's no way to feel this beginner! !フツーのOLさんがAV撮影をOKしてくれたので急遽、昼休みに制服のままホテルに来てもらいました!いきなりオナニーから、電マを当てるともの凄い反応を見せてくれて、潮噴きまくり!後で聞くとオモチャは初体験だったそうで…恥ずかしさもどこかに吹っ飛ぶほど感じてくれました!気付くと昼休みも終わってしまったので、会社に早退の電話をしてもらって再開!OLさんも完全にSEXスイッチが入り、超敏感になって普段とは違う未体験SEXを堪能して帰ってくれました!※この素人の感じ方ハンパないです!!