Karen Mifune. If you stay with a hot new actress who has a high-quality charm that is absorbed in the transparency at the moment you meet, what kind of day will it be? Karen, who loved sake and had said that she would never get drunk, put in her gobigubi sake without permission. It becomes too erotic and it gets acme many times with one etch. In addition, vaginal cum shot is requested at night. It was the best night to stop the camera and have sex.]三船かれん。出会った瞬間にその透明感に吸い込まれるような上質な魅力を持つ今注目の新人女優とお泊まりしたら…どんな1日になるのか?お酒が大好きで「絶対に酔わない」と言い切っていたかれんちゃんですが、一緒に過ごしている間勝手にグビグビお酒を投入。エロくなりすぎちゃって1回のエッチで何回もイッてしまう。さらに夜には中出し懇願。カメラを止めてのガチセックスまでしちゃう最高の夜となりました。