Pick up from the morning of Shinjuku! There will be no one who can stop and talk to the city from this time! Okay ...! A beautiful suit sister in front of you! I was able to hear the story but it seems too busy ... In such a state, the swinging state continued for several hours. At that time, the older sister reappeared with tapioca! Please have an interview after a break. He / she answers an interview with Surrasura. Well, it seems that there is considerable resistance to the erotic talk of the main subject, so it does not open my mind very easily. Here, Operation is a must-win method for sales! If you press it, you will succeed! If you suddenly make a naughty flow in front of you, she will take off her clothes while saying unpleasant! ? If you put in front of your eyes, you will bark in your mouth! After that, if I push it down and become one, I feel pant and shake my waist! You can press this operation! How about trying it out?新宿の午前中からナンパスタート!ってこんな時間から街で声をかけて止まってくれる人がいるわけないでしょう!おやっ…!綺麗なスーツのお姉さんが目の前に!話は聞けたけどやはりお忙しいようで…。そんな状態で数時間は空振り状態が続いた。その時、先ほどお姉さんがタピオカを持って再登場!休憩がてらインタビューをお願いしますwさすが営業マンですね。スラスラとインタビューに答えてくださる。さて、本題のエロいトークをwかなり抵抗があるようでなかなか心を開いてくれません。ここで営業の必勝法である押せ押せ作戦!グイグイ押せば成功する!目の前でいきなり全裸でエッチの流れを強引に作ればイヤイヤと言いながら彼女も服が脱げてくる!?目の前にチ●ポを出せば勝手に口に咥えてくれます!あとは押し倒して一つになれば喘いで感じるは腰を振るなどヤリました!あなたもこの押せ押せ作戦!試してみるのはいかがでしょうか