matching app and invited her to my home and flirting in bed. There are quite a lot of girls, and it seems that it will be established as a piece of work just by taking a picture of the festival. There's no one here who doesn't accept sake! When I thought, `` I'm already drinking '' `` I'm hurry because the target program starts '' and there are so many people that I can not catch it unexpectedly Encounter a duo called "I'll give you!" I'm looking for a cute girl and I'm trying to find a good target! It seems to me that it's kind of fluffy if I put alcohol again by that time, and the invitation to eat and drink is rather easy. Even after taking them to the room, they were satisfied with pouring champagne into the glass tower. If it becomes like this, it is all you want. Two people at the same time will do 4P with high tension that shoots out the craftsmanship ♪