Seriously first shot. 1413 A young Nampa teacher struggling in Shinjuku in midsummer! A neat and refreshing office lady who appeared before him who had already given up! She is shy but unsatisfied by a younger boy, she was swayed by an erotic atmosphere from a lot of body touches, and finally she shakes the fair skinned slender body and transforms into a female who is crazy about yoga after a long time! ! !マジ軟派、初撮。 1413 真夏の新宿で悪戦苦闘する若きナンパ師!もう諦めかけていた彼の前に現れたのは、清楚で爽やかなOL姉さん!年下男子に言い寄られ、恥ずかしがるも満更でない彼女は、多めのボディタッチからエロい雰囲気に流されて、最後には色白スレンダーボディを震わせ、久々チ●ポにヨガり狂う雌に変貌!!!