Invitation to Shinjuku at night! Keep an eye on the number of young people and pick up while inviting DJ events! However, it doesn't get caught at all whether it looks more chaotic than just a pick-up. Even though there is a popular celebrity entertainer in the world, he keeps talking to him and finally stops and takes his sister to the hotel. Surprisingly, there is a wonderful gap between visiting the club and enjoying liquor despite the neat atmosphere! If you play a vibe-like song and activate a simple mirror ball-like thing (a little shabo), a hotel room becomes a club-like party hall! Leave it to Nori and puff your boobs. When you stop listening to music all the time, you can hear the irritating sound of layering your lips ... SEX of fun because the libido has also gone up! Nailed to the bouncing boobs! After all the girls playing in the club are good and erotic!夜の新宿へ出没!若者の多さに目を付けて、DJイベントの勧誘をしつつナンパしていきます!が、ただのナンパよりチャラく見えてしまうのか全く引っかかってくれない。世間ではチャラ男系芸人が流行っているというのに…めげずに声をかけ続けてようやく立ち止まって話を聞いてくれたお姉さんをホテルへ連れ込む。清楚な雰囲気の割に意外とクラブにも足を運んだりお酒が好きだったりという素敵なギャップ!バイブスのアガる曲をかけ、さらに簡素なミラーボール的なものを起動させれば(ちょいショボいけど)ホテルの一室がクラブさながらのパーティーホールに!ノリに任せておっぱいをぽよぽよ、お尻をさわさわ。いつもまにか音楽が鳴りやむと聞こえてくるのは、唇と唇を重ねるいやらしい音…。性欲もブチ上がってしまったのでお楽しみのSEXを!ぶるんぶるん揺れるおっぱいに釘付け!やはりクラブで遊んでる女の子はノリ良くてエロいわ!