A couple who inherited a two-family house. The couple's parents moved to the countryside, remodeling their parents' homes and lending them to college students. However, the college student was forced to pay off his rent, but was forced out ... A college student, who had nowhere to go, used his spare key to break into his home. The wife who came there for cleaning ...二世帯住宅の家を相続した夫婦。夫婦の両親は田舎に引っ越し、両親の住んでいた家をリフォームして大学生に貸していた。しかしその大学生は家賃を滞納して追い出すことになったのだが…。どこにも行く場所がない大学生はスペアキーを使い住んでいた家に侵入するのだった。そこに掃除に来た妻が…。