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Nozomi who experienced surgery endure from a illness of the brain some time recently] six months. But it was securely released, had misplaced its transitory capacity within the repercussions. One day, we are told the realities of the affect from the editor that have been gone by to writer of the father of the initial .... The hands of the man of the enchantment that tie as the past a misplaced young lady doll. The truth that was not supposed to know never, the girl's heart was attending to be Tsukiotosa to the lose hope of the pit .... Strong full-scale SM drama!

【有村のぞみ 緊縛解禁!】半年前に脳の病気を患い手術を受けたのぞみ。無事に退院したものの、後遺症で一時的な記憶を失ってしまっていた。そんなある日、小説家の父の元へ訪れてきた編集者から衝撃の事実を告げられる…。過去を失った少女を人形のように縛りつける男の魔の手。決して知ってはいけなかった真実に、少女の心は絶望の淵へと突き落とされていくのだった…。無垢本格SMドラマ作品!