Takuya and Ameri who met and hitched in Tokyo. Upon accepting a report that Takuya's father, Toshizo, had fallen, his eldest child, Takumi, came back to the town with Akari to succeed his family. Toshizo-san, who was acclimated to the conventional traditions of this town, and vaginal cum shot numerous times, too bad, clearly Takuya-san and Ameri-san did not know the custom of this town That's right…….都内で出会い結婚したタクヤさんとあめりさん。タクヤさんの父、トシゾウさんが倒れたという報告を受けて、長男であるタクミさんは実家を継ぐためにあめりさんを連れてこの村へ帰ってきました。古くから伝わるこの町の風習に習ってトシゾウさんはあめりさんを抱いて何度も中出ししたのですが、お気の毒なことに、どうやらタクヤさんとあめりさんはこの村の風習を知らなかったそうです……。