One nice looking controller who met at a manipulatory before the station by chance. Sakura doesn't know why and is fixated with her heart, so she doesn't halt exciting. I can't disregard the feeling of being altered with by the beautician, and masturbate alone at domestic ... "I need to create my body more for Ano individuals" Is this cherish? Is it moxie? In arrange to affirm this questionable feeling indeed myself, it was Sakura who gulped G glass excellent breasts and headed to the chiropractic clinic once more.偶然入った駅前の整体院で、出会ってしまったひとりのイケメン整体師。何故だかわからないケド意識してしまい、胸の高鳴りが止まらないさくら。整体師に身体中を弄られた感触が忘れられないまま、家でひとりオナニーをするように…「もっとアノ人に私のカラダ開発されてみたい」これは恋なのか?はたまた性欲なのか?自分でも不確かなこの想いを確かめるため、Gカップ美乳を揉みしだかれにまた整体院へと向かうさくらだった…。