Natural girl-19 years old just moved to Tokyo from the countryside of the Alps. A new and beautiful girl who hasn't been dyed in any color yet, is a MOODYZ exclusive AV debut! ! A girl who was nurturing in the country and had a childish appearance, but also had a transparent, dignified and adult atmosphere, she was naked in front of the camera and showed SEX. A new start for a female college student with a cute smile and a friendly smile starts here! !天然美少女―アルプスの麓の田舎町から上京したばかりの19歳。まだ、何色にも染まっていない新・美少女がMOODYZ専属AVデビュー!!田舎育ちのおっとりとした性格で子供っぽさもありながら、透明感のある凛とした佇まいのオトナな雰囲気もある少女は、カメラの前で全裸になりSEXを見せてくれた。話すと人懐っこい笑顔がかわいい女子大生の新たなスタートがここから始まる!!