I to begin with fell in cherish with Soapland, who went to graduate from Virgin. Eimi who reacted to my confession. It's like a dream to urge in conjunction with a decent fellow who is big and excellent. But ... I ponder on the off chance that that kind of thing or something like usually being done to clients other than me ... To begin with SEX, first partner, first jealousy. And ... the primary goodbye. The closer you get closer, the more you are feeling each other. The primary cherish that's as well suggestive with my girl Cleanser who gets more sultry as she likes.童貞を卒業しに行ったソープランドで生まれて始めて恋をした。モテないおれの告白に応えてくれたえいみさん。巨乳で美人で優しい素敵な人と付き合えるなんて夢みたいだ。でも…あんな事やこんな事、俺以外の客にもしてるのかな…。はじめてのSEX、はじめての恋人、はじめての嫉妬心。そして…はじめての別れ。近づけば近づくほど互いを想う気持ちがすれ違う。好きになればなるほど辛くなるソープ嬢とおれのどエロすぎる初恋。