Minato-ku Girls: Women who make the most of their “female” charm and live strongly. What is the ecology of Minato-ku girls who crawl around Minato-ku like a woman? Private POV video of a young businessman. After playing in the pool with Akari-chan with a super cute idol face, go to the spear room. Isn't it really irritating and humiliating for money? Do you like sex?港区女子…「女」としての魅力を最大限に利用し、強かに生きる女たち。港区周辺を女豹のように徘徊する港区女子の生態とは?ある青年実業家のプライベートハメ撮り映像。超可愛いアイドル顔のあかりちゃんとプールで遊んだ後、ヤリ部屋へ。めちゃくちゃイヤラシイ口淫&腰使いは金のためか?セックスが好きなのか?