This time, Mao Kurata's work is full-length subjectivity x binaural recording! ! Give a sense of closeness that feels as in case you're whispering in your ear! ! Mao fans are a must-see! ! Smile, “Do you would like to mess with me? Is n’t it conventional? Feel extraordinary together?” “Growing Asochu Chuchu Shabu”, can you persevere the allurement of Messy at a very close partitioned? ! ? * We propose seeing this work with headphones for binaural recording.

今回の倉多まおちゃん作品は全編主観×バイノーラル収録!!まるで耳元で囁かれているような臨場感をお届けします!!まおちゃんファンは超必見!!微笑みを浮かべ「いちゃいちゃなエッチしたいの?いいよ?一緒に気持ち良くなろ」「大きくなってるアソコ チューチューしゃっぶちゃうね」超至近距離での淫語誘惑にあなたは耐えられるか!!?※本作品はバイノーラル録音のためヘッドホンでの視聴をお薦めします。