A married woman who was disillusioned with her husband's unreliable figure and ran cheating. His husband, an elite office worker who worked for a foreign-affiliated company, suddenly retired at the end of last year, and his husband has lost his ambition like another person. Mr. Narimiya also hangs and follows gentle words many times as his wife, but it seems that it has been more than three months without slurping. Now, my husband has no appeal and feels disgusted, so tonight I'm spending obscene time to escape such a reality.ご主人の頼りない姿に幻滅し、浮気に走ってしまった人妻です。外資系企業に勤めていたエリートサラリーマンだったご主人は去年末に突然の退職、それからご主人は別人の様に覇気が無くなってしまったという。成宮さんも妻として幾度となく優しい言葉を掛けたりフォローするがその甲斐なくズルズルと3カ月以上時が経ってしまったらしい…。今ではご主人に何の魅力も感じられず嫌気がするほど、今宵はそんな現実から逃げるように淫靡な時間を過ごして行きます。