Miyazawa who hitched her spouse in an in-house relationship. Some time recently marriage, she was a really kind spouse, but after marriage she appears to be treated like a maid each day. Her disappointment was raised in a reality distant from the perfect she imagined, and she needed to be looked for after as a lady. And, after you enter the inn, you expose your soft-skinned fair-skinned body and charism  that has amassed within the pool社内恋愛でご主人と結婚したという宮澤さん。結婚前はとても優しかったご主人だったが、結婚してからは家政婦のように扱われる毎日らしい。思い描いていた理想とはかけ離れた現実に彼女の不満は募り、女性として求められたいという様になったという。そして、ホテルに入れば柔肌色白の美体をさらけ出し溜まりに溜まった性欲