Final time, Mr. Sakai, who was misshaped by sex with a mutilated confront with delight, showed up once more some time recently us in look of advance incitement and fervor. As normal, the relationship with the spouse appears to be cold, there's no work of the couple, and it is now not essential to rest within the same bed ... And Sakai who felt the warm of the man after a long time uncovered her as well touchy body, interior the vagina前回、快感に顔を歪ませセックスに酔いしれた坂井さんは、さらなる刺激と興奮を求め再び我々の前に姿を見せました。相変わらず、ご主人との関係は冷えきっているようで夫婦の営みは無く、さらに同じベッドで寝ることも無くなったという…。そして、久しぶりに男の熱を感じた坂井さんはその敏感過ぎるカラダを露わにし、膣内