"I can't disregard the wealthy delights I once tasted," says Chiba, who cherished the past undertaking and felt the profundity of sex. Today I was inundated in sex as in case I was within the turbulent zone more than the final time, secured with sweat and delight juice, and carved delight into that wonderful bare ...「一度味わってしまった濃厚な快楽は忘れることが出来なくなってしまいます。」と、千葉さんは前回の情事がとてもお気に入りで、セックスの奥深さを体感したらしい。今夜も前回以上に乱れゾーンに入った様にセックスに没頭し汗と愛液にまみれ、その美しい裸体に快楽を刻み込んでいました…。