Horiguchi who knew the pleasure required of a man appeared again before us. Mr. Horiguchi, who still did not go well with her husband and never seemed to be embraced by a man's arm, said that he had accumulated libido for this day. She who is entangled with a man is erotic like another person, and if a cock is inserted, she tightens the dick tightly and opens the door of further pleasure.男に求められる快感を知ってしまった堀口さんは再び我々の前に姿を現しました。相変わらずご主人とは上手く行っておらず、男の腕に抱かれることは無かったそうだが、この日のために性欲を溜めて来たと前向きな堀口さん。男に絡みついてくる彼女は別人のようにエロく、男根を挿入すればアソコをキツく締め付け更なる快楽の扉を開いていく…。