Takeda-san who had too much flesh had a sensation of sex that she had tasted after a long time, and she had a chance to wake up her sleeping libido. And she appeared again in front of us, pretending to be a neat woman, but once play started, she became a nympho woman full of lust as if a monster skin was peeled off. Endlessly without uterus to seek the pleasure had been tightened so as not to a minute movement one second wasted as with a soul ....豊満な肉体を持て余していた武田さんが久しぶりに味わったセックスの快感は眠っていた性欲を呼び覚ますきっかけになってしまった。そして、再び我々の前に姿を現した彼女は清楚な女を装っていたが、一度プレイが始まれば化けの皮が剥がれたように欲情溢れる淫乱女に…。止めどなく快楽を求める子宮は魂を持ったように動き一分一秒無駄にしないように締め付けていた…。