Those who meet today are mature beautiful wives suffering from postpartum sexlessness! "Children are getting bigger and leaving their hands, my husband only considers me a housekeeper, and will I just abandon the woman ...", says Mr. Takeda, who is quite keen. She embraced her vigorously to remind her of her loneliness and the pleasure of pleasure.今日お会いする方は産後のセックスレスに悩む円熟の美人妻!「子供も大きくなり手を離れ、主人は私を家政婦としか思っておらず、私はこのまま女を捨ててゆくのだろうか…。」と、かなり切実な武田さん。そんな寂しい思いをしている彼女に再び女の悦び、快楽の悦びを呼び覚ますため激しく抱きしめました…。